Coffee is personal.. yea its sound as I making it so. But the truth is  people no im not.! The past two days while making my mind; what to post in my new find hobby which is this blog, i do little research about coffee.. again why coffee what with this dude and coffee duh.. yea i can sense that you guys  . keep it cool people because i don’t know anything else to blog about; it’s that simple.

Back to my story.. in those few days of research where ever i go what ever i read that one mantra  keep repeating is coffee is personal.. HMMMM all i drink most of time is nescafe and my new-found favourite bru. that’s all. how to make it personal. Its seems there are tons and tons ways to make coffee and there are so much in that cup not just water sugar in some case milk and coffee.

ITS all starting with what bean you prefered. How you wanna roast it. How you wanna grind your coffee and how you wanna brew it and how wanna served it… OH GOD even i was dizzy. AND it’s not just that there were people talking about the science behind coffee not just the benefits but actual chemical reaction it can cost in your body. OH…. ALL MIGHTY  BLESS ME.

the way i see it. who cares anyway. specially we Malaysians i think not even 1% of all those people goes in Starbuck’s or any other coffee shops in Malaysia knows what is espresso really is. I don’t see as often time people do actually  order something specifically to detail how they wanna their coffee to be brewed to a  barista. IN FACT i never seen that my life.. all this info make me to think even those Starbuck’s barista actually know all this or fraction of it maybe??.. There is one time i ordered latte as my usual order will be double the shot of espresso. I like it strong. And the barista said sir we will put two shots without you saying it… I was like really dumb struck. hmmmm i just repeat and he didn’t understand as well and i just say 4 shot espresso. and there we go.

I couldn’t say exactly but some how all this makes me think we as Malaysian how well actually we are living our lives. And how much we do really know.. it’s just a simple cup of coffee until it can be a cup of our liberal rights as citizens of this diverse nation. Know your cup of coffee…. BECAUSE ITS PERSONAL.

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