Its aLL about cOfFeE

Coffee…. wow what a founding. I know there is coffee haters and im very assure those people are tea lovers. OR should i address that particular creepy group of people thats doesnt fall into neither group. I coludnt trully understand those people simply is not slave to tea or coffee but the ugly truth is they do exist.

Lets we talk about coffee.. Im a proud slave to coffee. its keep me smailling to those whom i simply wish to never see them ever again in my life. Im sure there to all those coffee lovers there must to some extent cofffee does safe you or can we qoute as serve you some way that you are depend on it. thats whats makes us the coffee lovers love our cup of coffee and be loyal and defend it . YEA im asure i can say that yes we do DEFEND our coffee. Just think there must be at least one time we as coffee lover would defend coffee as that one ass come all the way just to say “dont drink coffee its not good for your health ” bla bla bla bla bla bla. with out knowing the fact thats the only thing preventing us from kill that ass on the spot..

so people how you like your cup of coffee is to be served. and how much you know about that cup of coffee you sipping. and the matter!! how much you willing to pay for it. ill save the rest for another post. adios.



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